Your Captain’s Favorite Posts

While I’ve enjoyed researching every topic related to our beloved series and the Age of Sail, a few posts stand out in my mind as ones I’ve particularly enjoyed reading. Oftentimes they’re the ones that are overlooked by visitors. To rectify the situation, I’ve decided to list my top 10 favorite posts here.

1. (Bad!) Advice to Sea Lieutenants by An Officer of Rank A hilarious period resource guaranteed to result in a court martial.

2. The Amazing Career of Lieutenant Provo Wallis of the HMS Shannon Seriously, just amazing.

3. Captain David Ewen Bartholomew Comes Over the Bows One of the best Age of Sail anecdotes ever.

4. Captain Bligh: A “Historical Villain Who Was Actually An OK Guy” Included because of the line “Also, he looked like a giant warthog who’d just fallen down a few flights of stairs.”

5. A Sailor Without a Tattoo is Like a Ship Without Grog: Unseaworthy I’m a tattoo enthusiast with five large pieces of my own (okay, four are large, one is tiny but the point still stands).

6. The Secret Diary of a Midshipman Amusing period drawings with equally amusing present-day commentary.

7. An In-Depth Explanation of Medical Treatment in Aubrey’s Royal Navy Fascinating and erudite.

8. Espionage During the Napoleonic Wars A topic that is seldom addressed for some reason.

9. French Perspective on the Battle of Trafalgar Noteworthy for being from the captain of the French ship Redoubtable.

10. (Delusional) French Report of Victory at Trafalgar and (Delusional) Spanish Report of Victory at Trafalgar Two for the price of one! As funny as these reports are, they’re also a perfect example of the kind of propaganda that is still used during wartime today.

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