I easily and freely admit that I’ve done pretty much nothing when it comes to creating the content of this site. There’s already a wealth of information online, much of it better written and researched than anything I could ever come up with. All I wanted to do (and hopefully I’ve succeeded) is bring all of that information together in one place and organize it in a somewhat comprehensible manner. In every instance that I’ve presented work that isn’t my own, I’ve done my level best to make sure proper credit was given. Sometimes, however, it’s impossible to trace exactly where an image or article originates. If you recognize something on this site as belonging to yourself or someone else without credit, please contact me. I’ll make sure it’s properly attributed without delay!

Please note that in all cases the copyrights to each article remain with the original holders unless otherwise indicated.

Captain’s note: A few visitors have asked why I take the text of articles from other sites and post them here instead of simply creating a list of links, so I’d like to explain that a bit here. First I’d like to say that I do my best to contact anyone who’s written an article I’d like to post to ask their permission, and if they deny it I don’t post their article. Sometimes contacting the person who wrote the original article is next to impossible, however, such as when there’s no Email address for the author or when the site it’s posted on hasn’t been updated in such a long time that it’s impossible to imagine receiving a response.

At the end of the day, I look at it like this: this website is not for profit (it actually costs me money to maintain) and its focus is education. I will never ever take credit for something I didn’t write, I will always attribute articles to their authors with links back to their site and full credit. But I want to spread knowledge, and surely giving more people access to articles they might not have found otherwise is a good thing. In my mind at least the goal of spreading and compiling knowledge is paramount, and much more important than petty internet turf wars.

As to the question of why I don’t simply post a list of links: have you ever been to a site that does this? Inevitably you’ll see a link to something like The Absolute Most Interesting Site About The Topic You’re Interested In. Overjoyed, you click on it… Only to get a 404 Not Found error. At best it’s irritating and disappointing; at worst such an error represents the loss of information that isn’t reproduced anywhere else. I’m not saying this site is erected in stone and will stand forevermore, imparting wisdom to future generations. The internet doesn’t work like that. I just think it’s a good idea to hedge my bets. At least this way I know that if someone comes to the site looking for something specific, it will still be here.

In the meantime, let this page serve as a blanket credit to all the sites and people that have inspired me and instructed me…

The Gunroom
The Patrick O’Brian Compendium
The Ships of Jack Aubrey
Gibbons Burke
Tom Horn
Anthony Gary Brown
Michael Schuyler
Kerry Webb

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