The Dear Surprise (And Other Commands)

<i>HMS Boadicea</i>

"... the Boadicea proved she was a dry, wholesome ship."

<i>HMS Lively</i>

"No wonder they called her a crack frigate: her sailing qualities were quite out of the ordinary, and the smooth quiet discipline of her people was beyond anything he had seen."

<i>HMS Polychrest</i>

"She was known as the Carpenter's Mistake, and no one in the service had ever imagined she would be launched."

<i>HMS Sophie</i>

"... She was a slow brig, an old brig and a brig that was very unlikely to make his fortune."

<i>HMS Surprise</i>

"... He knew her through and through, as beautiful a piece of ship-building as any that had been launched from the French yards, a true thoroughbred, very fast in the right hands, weatherly, dry, a splendid sailor on a bowline, and a ship that almost steered herself once you understood her ways."

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