Historical Shipwrecks: HMS Cerberus & HMS Orpheus Gallery

The Historical Shipwrecks album is dedicated to pictures of artifacts from shipwrecks relevant to our period. The first addition is this gallery of images relating to the HMS Cerberus and HMS Orpheus.

On 29 July 1778, a French fleet under Admiral Comte d’Estaing arrived in Narragansett Bay as allies of the Americans in their war for independence. While preparing to attack British-occupied Newport, French warships moved to intercept four Royal Navy frigates operating in the bay. On 5 August, the British commanders burned and sunk all four ships, including the 28-gun Cerberus and 32-gun Orpheus, to avoid capture.

Text and images courtesy of the Naval War College Museum unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Matt Rumney // March 21, 2013 at 3:12 pm //

    Dear Sir/madam

    After many hours research on HMS Cerberus (1758?) and its part in

    the Battle of Lissa, I am wondering if you have any photos of the relics

    found on her wreck?

    I am in the UK and am in possession of a Medal awarded to James rennie

    who served aboard, and am keen to obtain ANY images of the ship, relics,

    (And even the man?!!)

    Any help you could give me would be much apprecited!

    Best Wishes,

    Matthew Rumney – UK

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