Master and Commander Radio Play

*SPOILERS* The gripping first installment of our beloved series, dramatised by Roger Danes. First broadcast on May 11, 1995, this BBC 4 radio performance features Michael Troughton as Captain Jack Aubrey and Nigel Anthony as Dr. Stephen Maturin.

It is the dawn of the nineteenth century; Britain is at war with Napoleon’s France. Jack Aubrey, a young lieutenant in Nelson’s navy, is promoted to command of H.M.S. Sophie, an old, slow brig unlikely to make his fortune. But Captain Aubrey is a brave and gifted seaman, his thirst for adventure and victory immense. With the aid of his friend Stephen Maturin, ship’s surgeon and secret intelligence agent, Aubrey and his crew engage in one thrilling battle after another, their journey culminating in a stunning clash with a mighty Spanish frigate against whose guns and manpower the tiny Sophie is hopelessly outmatched.

Master and Commander BBC Radio4

Stephen Maturin …… NIGEL ANTHONY

Judge Advocate …… LLOYD JOHNSTON
David Richards …… RICHARD PEARCE

Director: Adrian Bean

Also featuring Kristin Milward, Peter Whitman, Dominic Letts, Danny Kanaber and Gavin Muir.

Courtesy of the BBC and J. Skinner.
Image: A Third-Rate Enterting Port Mahon by Charles Martin Powell. Courtesy of the NMM.

Dr. Maturin suggests further reading

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  1. Hello – I live in Los Angeles and I commute 75 minutes each way every day to and from work. I’d love to listen to these radio plays while driving – I’ve read all the books but the last – but as I’m in my car, I cannot use the dropbox feature. Do you know if the series is available as a podcast anywhere? do you have any links? Thanks.

    • The Dear Knows // September 2, 2015 at 1:21 pm //

      I don’t think they’re available as a podcast, but there are work-arounds! Does your car have bluetooth connectivity or an auxiliary input? If it does, you can simply download the radio plays from Dropbox and save them on whatever device you would use to listen to your podcasts. They’re in mp3 format and can be played with just about any audio program (iTunes, etc.). Please let me know if you need more in-depth directions and I’ll help you out!

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