Paintings, Plans, Diagrams and History of the HMS Boadicea


... the Boadicea proved she was a dry, wholesome ship. - The Mauritius Campaign

1809 – 1810: At the opening of The Mauritius Campaign, Jack has been ashore for a lengthy period of time, very probably since he left the Surprise. Again through the action of Stephen Maturin at the Admiralty, Jack Aubrey is given command of the 38-gun frigate HMS Boadicea, with the prospects of being commodore of a squadron of ships to be directed against Mauritius and the nearby islands in the Indian Ocean. After the successful conclusion of the campaign, Jack is ordered home in his ship to carry the happy news.

Boadicea is another real Royal Navy ship, and there is nothing in O’Brian’s description of her which conflicts with her genuine history. In fact, the Boadicea was Commodore Josias Rowley’s ship in the Royal Navy’s Mauritius campaign, in which Rowley actually performed the activities assigned in the novel to Jack Aubrey. She was eventually broken up in 1858.

Text and diagrams courtesy of Bruce Trinque. Paintings by William John Huggins and Geoff Hunt.

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